Our G7 Program was specifically developed to positively impact the environment, reduce unnecessary water treatment costs to utilities, and to proactively assist our clients in complying with the many new Wastewater Management and Maintenance mandates being required by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   Read more.

USSI was established in 1999 with the express purpose of eliminating rainwater inflow into the wastewater collection systems. Over the years we have developed the G7 program which provides unique products, procedures and systems.

When rainwater is prevented from entering the front end of the collection system, the G7 program reduces overflows and spillages by increasing sewer capacity. The G7 program is not only effective in preventing “Inflow” but it is also cost effective.

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The USSI Manhole Inflow Defender (Inflow Dish) was designed to significantly abate rainfall "Inflow" from entering the sanitary sewer system through the manhole cover and upper frame area. The Inflow dish can withstanl gases associated with waste water collection systems. Request Quote.


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USSI's G7 Program is the most economical, efficient and effective Inflow Abatement Program I have seen in all my years in the waste water industry.

Bobby Legg,
City of Punta Gorda Utilities

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