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USSI will begin by sandblasting the frame and chimney. Elastaseal® is applied which provides a tough high build 4,800 psi tensile strength. The Elastaseal® protective coating is chemical and corrosion resistant.

Inflow Defender®

The Official Inflow Dish Of Florida

The Inflow Defender® has a watertight gasket seal (resealable), a unique design for a longer life. It is custom designed and installed by our USSI technician team. This product resists all gases in a sanitary system.

Wastewater Inflow & Water Abatement Program

Our G7 Program was specifically developed to positively impact the environment, reduce unnecessary water treatment costs to utilities, and to proactively assist our clients in complying with the many new Wastewater Management and Maintenance mandates being required by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Night Time Monitoring

Night time monitoring is intended to target the location of infiltrations in the piping system. Typically the best time for such an analysis occurs from 1am to 5am when consumer water usage is low. Our technicians monitor the flow and determine where infiltration is occurring.

Smoke Testing

The G7 Program begins with smoke testing of the sewer system. We facilitate the utility and emergency staff coordination, printing and distributing public door hanger notifications. USSI will locate defects in lateral clean-out lines and provide online reporting within 3 days.

For More information about our G7 program please contact USSI at: or 941-926-2646


Time is important, that is why USSI provides online reporting within 3 days. Our reports are compatible with utility GIS systems and our data can be stored in multiple formats. When it comes to basin smoke testing, manhole inspections and LDL Plugs, USSI’s reports are accurate and timely.

LDL™ Clean-out Smart Plug

Designed to abate rainwater inflow from entering the lateral line clean-out access points, while also providing location. Installation of the LDL™ Clean-out Smart Plug and Plug seat are depicted as shown. The outer sleeve and cap installs to the existing vertical PVC Pipe.