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USSI'S was featured in the Florida Water Resource Journal.

Noteworthy Reading

Defining The Cost Benefit Of Inflow Removal Before Infiltration Exploration
By: Frederick Bloetscher, PhD, PE. Florida Atlantic University

USSI'S G7 Abatement Program is used as the standard in the training and educational book UTILITY MANAGEMENT FOR WASTEWATER OPERATORS by the "AWWA" American Water Works Association.

Smoke Testing

For a better understanding of how smoke testing works view the video below from Charleston. USSI's smoke testing procedure is very similar.


USSI is honored to be featured in several publications

Separating Inflow Reduction From Infiltration Removal
By: Frederick Bloetscher, PhD, PE. Florida Atlantic University

Business/Homeower: Door Hanger Recepient

If you received a USSI door hanger notice on your door, it indicates that USSI will be doing work in your area.  Some of the work includes our smoke testing procedure. You may see smoke rising from the ground and through the tops of buildings or homes during this process. There is no need to be alarmed. This procedure is safe and will not cause a fire.