Product descritption:

The LDL™ Clean-out Smart Plug assembly was designed to abate rainwater inflow from entering the lateral line clean-out access points, while also providing location.

Installation of the LDL™ Plug and plug seat is depicted as shown. The outer  sleeve and cap installs to existing vertical PVC pipe.

USSI can install the LDL™ Clean-out Plug assembly as part of our complete G7 Inflow and Infiltration Abatemant program.


™General Description:

The LDL Clean-out Smart Plug assembly was designed to abate rainwater inflow, provide location, while also preventing debris and contaminants from entering the sanitary sewer system through the lateral line clean-out. access points. The LDL plug assembly shall be manufactured to accommodate all PVC, clean-out dimensional sizes found in use for retro-fit purposes and shall bate water even if the clean-out cap has been removed from clean-out vertical stack. LDL plug assembly shall withstand all gases associated with waste water collection systems.

Plug body:

The LDL™ plug body shall be molded from a one piece, synthetic urethane polymer material, designed to align and seal with the inner seat ring. The plug retrieval loop/hardware, shall be molded directly within the plug body, for easy access and superior strength.

Inner Seat Ring:

The inner seat ring shall be fabricated from PVC material and shall fit all PVC constructed, clean-out interior dimensional sizes found in use for retro-fit purposes. Seat ring to be fabricated with an internal tapered bevel and vertical seat design for proper alignment and seal with plug body. Minimum thickness of seat ring to be .187" with an overall height of 1.250".

Retrieval Loop/Hardware:

Retrieval loop and hardware assembly shall be made from corrosion resistant materials and be permanently molded into the plug body. Loop portion of device shall be exposed for retrieval purposes and shall protrude vertically from lug body to a minimum dimension of one inch. Loop diameter to be a minimum thickness of .187". Loop ends to be assembled with plates and fastener hardware, molded within plug body.

3M™ EMS Near-Surface Marker:

Designed to provide an accurate, long-lasting method of marking clean outs. Surface Marker shall be colored coded for wastewater and molded into the LDL™ plug with top exposed.


For proper abatement results, the LDL™ plug assembly should be installed by a certified USSI technician. Remove clean-out cap and set aside. Using clean and dry cloth, wipe interior of vertical PVC clean-out stack. Lightly scuff interior of PVC stack, and swab with PVC cleaner liquid onto entire area where the inner seat ring is to be located. Also swab seat ring outer diameter area with PVC cleaner. Evenly apply PVC glue to interior walls on cleaned surface area. For proper alignment and location, slide seat ring down into interior of PVC clean-out vertical stack, let seat ring sit for five minutes to permit ring to bond with vertical stack. Install plug body and re-install clean-out cap.


The LDL™ clean-out smart plug components were designed for maintenance free operation. The plug body/retrieval hoop was designed for easy removal from clean-out access points, for future clean-out service needs.


Five-year warranty on plug assembly.


The LDL™ clean-out smart plug, shall be furnished exclusively by USSI, LLC, Venice, FL.

Ordering Criteria & Other Abatement Solutions:

To ensure proper fit with clean-outs, PVC pipe size field dimensions are required. To order, please contact USSI.